Whether a business entity is new or old, there are always some unforeseen risks that can affect the business in the long run. These risks can arise from change in policies by the government or from the organizations own work force which we fail to analyse in time due to the day to day involvements of the business process. We at Vigil take care of this very crucial management function by helping the organizations in identifying the risks and areas of vulnerability and then making recommendations on how to minimize or eliminate those risks.

Unforeseen exigencies can literally halt an organization’s functioning. We at Vigil with our extensive experience in crisis management can enable and equip you to face such situations. We provide you with the right information at the right time which can enable you to focus your resources on the right issues. We provide you with continuous situation appraisals to enable you to take quick decisions at critical times.

We prepare extensive crisis management plans for organizations detailing the ideal reactions to any given emergency. It designates all the critical tasks to individuals who will take charge of the emergency situations.