Our team begins with thorough research on the target company/individual under reference, its offerings, perception in the market, competitive analysis, background of the promoters and all the compelling issues that you require to address. The team, then moves on, to understand who your target company is and what their viewing and listening habits are. This is paramount to developing a successful report
Strategy Planning
Every successful analysis has its foundation in the strategic plan. Our team develops meticulous time tables with clear description of what is to be achieved and what strategic steps must be taken care of to get into a fruitful partnership
Project Development
Our project manager will take you through a well laid out plan to help you identify your key issues and develop the research and investigation plan. Our approach leverages the valuable insight gained from the research based analysis in the first step, to position you, your company and investment under a risk free position.
After the careful planning of strategy and project development our investigators move on to the field to carry out discreet enquiries on key issues at the target locations. Intense follow-ups and persistence with the sources results in quality coverage nationally. Our team just never gives up and gets the desired results for all our clients
Evaluation & Results
The data collected is thoroughly studied and evaluated and a conclusion is drawn by senior members of the team based on the information collected by the investigators and the research team.