Employees are the most important and crucial resources of an organization. It is very vital for an organization to have employees who are loyal and mentally inclined towards the growth of the organization. The key to a qualified, productive workforce is professional employee screening. Hiring employees without carrying out an  in depth check on background can ultimately result in an increased liability, low productivity and reduced profits. We at Vigil help you in minimizing these risks to your organization, by providing services on background checks of your employees covering the following areas:
Educational Background Checks
As the technology in high tech scanning and printing has evolved, getting forged educational certificates printed is no longer a difficult job. Many cases of prospective candidates getting prestigious jobs with the help of forged educational certificates have come up in the past. We can help eliminate such risks by providing our services of checking the authenticity of such educational certificates.
Reference and Past Experience Checks
Many times the candidates get the job based on their past work experience reflected in their CV’s which are rarely cross checked, which ultimately results in the position being offered to a non deserving candidate.  You can utilize our services to get a thorough verification on the past professional experience of the candidates.
Family Background and Criminal Checks
A through enquiry is conducted at the respective police stations to ascertain if the candidate has a criminal record. Further our team of expert’s conducts and in-depth check on the family background of the candidates providing information on the financial status, political connections, trade union inclinations and the social status.

Further we also offer our complete range of solutions related to the litigation support services to the HR related cases, providing documentary evidence on the subject’s present whereabouts. These evidences can turn out to be very crucial for organizations facing gainful employment claims from their ex-employees.